Thomas Rid is Professor of Security Studies at King’s College London.

Rid’s work covers a broad spectrum of security questions. His influential most recent book, Cyber War Will Not Take Place (Oxford University Press/Hurst 2013), is a comprehensive analysis of political computer attacks, driven by events, technical detail, and political theory. A Chinese translation is forthcoming with the People’s Publishing House. “Attributing Cyber Attacks,” a research article, is designed to explain, guide, and improve the identification of network breaches (Journal of Strategic Studies 2015). His text “Deterrence Beyond the State” (Contemporary Security Policy 2012) opened a fresh conceptual angle on the deterrence debate by exploring Israel’s experience with non-state militants. Rid’s thesis, War and Media Operations (Routledge 2007), examined the history and rationale of the Pentagon’s embedded media programme of March 2003. His articles appeared in major English, French, and German peer-reviewed journals as well as magazines and newspapers.

In 2009/2010, Rid was a visiting scholar at Hebrew University and at Shalem in Jerusalem. From 2006 to 2009 he worked at the School for Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, the RAND Corporation in Washington, and at the Institut français des relations internationales in Paris. Rid wrote his first book at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin’s leading foreign policy think tank. He holds a PhD from Humboldt University in Berlin.

Thomas lives in the Barbican in the City of London.